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The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

By: Luke Sangkharat, Journalist
Silicon Valley Bank, the provider for many VCs and innovative companies, has just collapsed and gone under. So why is this such a big deal?

Technological Advances in Weapons Throughout the Years

By: Josephine Huynh, Journalist
Wars have been started over many things, from something as insignificant as the killing of a pig to rising tensions and the assassination of a royal heir, we can see how people have disputed different matters throughout the years. Between all of the wars and conflicts that have happened in our world's history, there have been many technological advances and changes in the weaponry.

How Different Lighting in a Room Affects Your Body and Your Mood

By: Josephine Huynh, Journalist
Do you ever notice how you feel awake and energized when going outside and being in the sunlight, but find it difficult to fall asleep when the lights in your room are on? Light and its intensity play a large role in our lives, whether it's artificial or natural light.

The Science Behind Pacemakers

By: Florian Demuth, Journalist
The device attaches to one or more leads or wires that run through veins to the coronary arteries. The pacemaker's electronics continuously monitor the heartbeat and send electrical indicate the coronary heart muscle to correct the heartbeat.

The Physics Behind Diving

By: Peyton Reed, Journalist
A dive is a great exhibit of the conversion of energy from one form to another. While the somersaults and twists are the most beautiful and exciting parts of diving, most of what the diver needs for a successful dive happens before they leave the board. 

Prosthetic Engineers

By: Aiden Rasdale, Journalists
Have you ever heard of a prosthetic engineer? These engineers are responsible for designing and creating artificial

History Of Airplanes

By: Ben Pollack, Journalist
Where airplanes are today is completely different from when they were first built. The first ever airplane built was the Wright Flyer.

Fast Food Secret Menues

By: Tyler Heironimus, Journalist
Most fast food restaurants these days have "secret menus". These menus have caused tons of consumers to search the internet to unearth them all with websites dedicated to finding them.

US Develops AI-Powered Facial Recognition Tech for Military Robot Drones

By: Walker McCann, Journalist

Facial Recognition Drone Recently, facial recognition technology for drones has been developed by the US Air Force. The drones will be used by special operations personnel for gathering intelligence...

The Great Salt Lake Is Gone

By: Reece von Elling, Journalist
In the days before they are scheduled to meet, Many scholars are urging Utah lawmakers to take decisive action to preserve the Great Salt Lake before it disappears.

The Affects of Stress on Your Brain

By: Evan Nghe, "Journalist"
How does stress work? Stress shrinks your brain.

The Colorful World of Chess Openings

By: Christopher Yang, Journalist
While some are indeed better than others, the term "different, but equal" is a fitting term for the vast selection of openings. There are 1327 named openings in the world of Chess, and any one of them could be achieved.

You Can Repair The New Nokia Phone By Yourself

By: Sydney Kiffney , Journalist
Will all phone companies be doing this in the future? Nokia is a trailblazer for cellphone companies.

How Small Businesses Adapt and their Purpose in the Growing Market

By: Christopher Yang, Journalist
According to a 2021 survey by "", 89 percent of businesses have stated that they have raised their prices as a result of these costs.

Mistakes that Changed the World: How 3 Accidental Inventions Revolutionized the Food Industry

By: Elizabeth Shoop, Journalist
Most inventions are made by asking a question/finding a problem and building something that helps fix it. However, shown here are three foods were created by complete accident.

How Mirrors And One-way Mirrors Are Made

By: Jeremy Huang, Journalist
Mirrors are made by silvering, which is spraying a thin layer of silver or aluminum onto the back of a sheet of glass. Mirrors work by reflecting light off the aluminum or silver coating, which is made more durable by its glass covering.

All You Need To Know About Locks + Keys

By: Elizabeth Shoop, Journalist
I hope you learn a thing or two about locks.

Inflatable Moon Habitat

By: Aiman Ullah, Journalist
This new idea to put a base on the moon is one of the most innovative ideas to produce oxygen and food for astronauts. It could serve as a permanent base on the Moon.

Electricity Generating Table

By: Meg Lagera, Journalist
In many places such as India and Africa, a simple daily necessity, electricity, is lacked of. Ashutosh Vashishta has created a table that can quickly generate electricity to solve this extreme issue. With this table, he want to help the 23 million homes in India without access to electricity and the rest of the world that lacks of this bare minimum to be able to have the electricity to study and finish their work into the night.

Ramcharger 8: North America’s Most Technologically Advanced Ski Lift

By: Yash Kini, Journalist
Heated seats, a bubble, an ergonomic design! These are all key features of the Ramcharger 8, North America's first 8 person chairlift

Tesla Roadster 2023: The Best All-Around Car?

By: Yash Kini, Journalist
The world's best car? Maybe. The new Tesla Roadster might just have everything that excites a car enthusiast.

Cross River Gorillas

By: Kaleb Fuard, Journalist
This article will tell you what Cross River Gorillas are, where they live, what they eat, and more. It will also go over technology that could help them.

Training For Strength Versus Hypertrophy

By: Jeremy Huang, Journalist
For the average Joe, muscle hypertrophy training regimens are a great place to start. On the other hand, training for strength is better for athletes who need explosive power rather than building an aesthetic body. It's up to you to decide which training style fits you best.

The First Engineer

By: Luke Sangkharat, Journalist
He paved the road on the way to engineering achievement and is an inspiration to many. In conclusion, Imhotep was a man full of determination and intelligence, he revolutionized the world of architecture and engineering and should be more widely known.

This New Basketball is 3D Printed and Does Not Need Air

By: Noah Siegel, Journalist
   Imagine a world where you can buy a basketball and use it straight out of the box. If you don't already know, usually when you buy a basketball, you have to inflate it a little bit because the ball has been sitting on the shelf for a long time. This dream will now be part of the past.

The Chemistry Behind Dynamite

By: Thomas Ahern, Journalist
If you have ever heard of dynamite, you probably know that it is a largely-used explosive. What you probably don't know, however, is how it explodes.

Renewable VS. Nonrenewable Energy

By: Mathias Brook, Journalist
Energy is the critical resource that powers our world and enables many activities essential to our daily lives. Primary energy sources fall into two categories: renewable and non-renewable.

How Does Smoking Cigarettes Affect You

By: Evan Nghe, "Journalist"

Many people smoke even though smoking is incredibly unhealthy. Smoking can have many negative effects on your health and lungs and can destroy your body. Smoking leaves a tar/goo-like substance in your...

Metal Ball Washed Up In Japan

By: Oliver Tabbal, Journalist
A big metal ball washed up on Japanese shore. It has been identified as a buoy by the government, but it took suprisingly long to identify.

All About AI Chat Bots

By: Oliver Tabbal, Journalist
AI chatbots and regular chatbots have different uses and different forms of working. They are fun to mess around with and test the limits.

History of Archery

By: Jimmy Mendoza, Journalist
A bow is a long and flexible staff with short string attached to the staff's two ends, which is why the staff is bent. An arrow, however, is a shaft with feather-type vanes.

The Rise Of Chess

By: Oliver Tabbal, Journalist
Online chess became insanely popular in late 2022, because of a few reasons. Learn why it became so popular.
Description	0-72 mph in 2 seconds, about 4.2G.
Date	10 August 2013, 12:35
Storm Runner hydraulic launcher

Uploaded by clusternote
Author	Paulo Ordoveza from Washington, DC

Hydraulic Launched Roller Coaster: What Went Wrong?

By: Jason Reznikov, Journalist
When they were introduced, hydraulic launches could produce the fastest accelerating launches, meaning that they could accelerate to speeds in a much shorter amount of time then the other methods available at the time.

Wing’s New Delivery Network Will Increase Drone Delivery Efficiency

By: Yusuf Lashin, Journalist
Would you like to learn about Wing's new delivery system? Then this article is just right for you!

If The Earth Spun Faster

By: Hibba Abbas , Journalist
Natural disasters would be bigger and destroy more. Let's say we increase the mph by a lot and bring it up to 24,000 mph. The earth would be a DISASTER.

Machu Picchu

By: Thomas Ahern, Journalist
Machu Picchu is a 500 year old Inca city hidden deep in the mountains of Peru.

Carv: The Future Of Ski Coaches

By: Yash Kini, Journalist
Welcome to the future of ski coaches! Your carving adventure starts here.

School vs. Sleep

By: Peyton Reed, Journalist
Because of early school start times, over 70% of high school students do not get enough sleep. Adolescents who do not get enough sleep have a higher chance of obesity, diabetes, and injuries.

Microsoft’s AI Can Translate Your Voice Into Foreign Languages

By: Yusuf Lashin, Journalist
Do you want to know how Microsoft can translate your voice into foreign languages? Then this article is for you!

How Basketballs Are Made

By: Kaleb Fuard, Journalist
This article is about everything you have to do to make a basketball. It goes over all the parts of a basketball and the machines, like the vulcanizer, used to make it.

How Tesla’s Aero Wheel Covers Greatly Improve Efficiency

By: Nathan Cha, Journalist
For $100, anyone can increase their car's aerodynamic air drag by ten-percent. 
Image Credit & Copyright: Giovanni Tumino

Why You Could See Venus And Jupiter

By: Andrew Ma, Journalist

Did you know that Venus and Jupiter aligned a couple nights ago? It was an amazing sight to see.  This is called a planetary conjunction. A planetary conjunction is when two planets are close to each...

How AI Is Going To End Humanity

By: Luke Sangkharat, Journalist
The world of AI is a deep rabbit hole with infinite possibilities and combinations. And in the end, humanities biggest enemy is ourselves.


By: Tashi Japheltsang, Journalist
The first robot ever created.

How To Gain Muscle

By: Alan Martinez, Journalist

Many people wanna gain muscle, there are many ways to build it. Many people may think its just about going to the gym, but the most important part is about what you eat and when you eat it. A good way...



By: Tashi Japheltsang, Journalist

The R-36 is a series of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The R-36 has been in service since the late 1960s and remains a key component of Russia's...

Guide To Understanding Keycaps

By: Florian Demuth, Journalist
I will be helping you break down all the different acronyms into easy categories so you can fully understand keycaps.

(VAR) Video Assistant Referee

By: Renik deJong, Journalist
VAR is a recent innovation that helps referees make a precise decision by seeing exactly what happens in soccer when there is an offsides or a foul.

The Cockpit: Why So Many Buttons

By: Thomas Ahern, Journalist
A cockpit is the room on an airplane where the pilot flies the plane. If you have ever seen a cockpit, or even just a picture of one, then you probably think that it is incredibly complicated. Don't get me wrong, it is complicated, but fortunately, it is also something that can be taught.

Devices For Passive Prosthetics

By: Renik deJong , Journalist
Prosthetics have come along way. Allowing amputees to pick things up as they need, and even have realistic looking silicone skin restorations.

Nusantara, the City of the Future

By: Finn Yeh, Journalist

Nusantara is a soon to be futuristic city in the Indonesia. With the rising water levels and pollution in Jakarta there will be need for a new capital. This capital will be able to house around 2 million...

Floating Farms

By: Valery Cordon Hernandez , Journalist

Floating farms were designed to use remaining products made by the city, such as grass from public parks and food waste, to feed the animals and provide fresh products back to the city. Despite the issues...

Hockey Board Curves by NedraI is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

The Engineering Behind Hockey

By: Ben Pollack, Journalist
There are many pieces of engineering that go into the sport hockey and they are all really important

How To Build Electric Roller Shades

By: Ben Pollack, Journalist
I will be telling you guys about all of the instructions to build electric roller shades.
Airless Tires

[Video] Airless Tires

By: Elijah Lewis, Journalist
Wouldn't it be great to not have to worry about getting another flat tire, Being able to drive anywhere without worrying about pieces on the ground flattening your tire. 

The Cold War

By: Thomas Ahern, Journalist
The Cold War was a tense 44 years lasting between 1947, the end of World War 2, to 1991, the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union over being the best at anything, ranging from gaining control over Berlin to being the best at space travel, but the biggest tension was over the spread of communism.

How the YouTube Algorithm works

By: Finn Yeh, Journalist
This article is about how the YouTube algorithm works and how to gain subscribers and views more easily.

Everything you need to know for climbing Mount Everest

By: Anshul Nagle, Journalist
Every day people love to climb Everest as a sport. Some try making it to base camp, and others to the top

Best Places to Go During Christmas

By: Anshul Nagle, Journalist
The United States is home to many festive and beautiful locations to celebrate the holiday season, making it difficult to choose just one as the best

How To Make Tacos De Birria

By: Cynthia Sanchez, Journalist
It’s bone broth, It's very delicious enjoy.

How to Construct a Console Table From a Single Sheet of Plywood

By: Meg Lagera, Journalist
Using a single sheet of 4' x 8' plywood and minimal instructions, you can construct a phenomenal, lightweight, solid, wood-styled console table.

False Awakenings

By: Cynthia Sanchez Zambrano, Journalist
It can feel as though you're actually stuck in a dream

[Video] Action figure fan? This Jurassic warrior in armor will surely surprise you.

By: Anthony Rodriguez, Journalist

Let's go back to the late Cretaceous period, approximately 68 to 66 million years ago, when this armored reptile walked this earth. Ankylosaurs were quadrupedal herbivores, their bodies covered in a...

The Tallest Roller Coaster in the World

By: Jake Themely, Journalist

Kingda Ka, at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, is the world's tallest roller coaster. Standing at an insane 456 feet tall, Kingda Ka offers a great and intense ride. The ride starts...

The 2023 Corvette Z06

By: Jake Themely, Journalist
The 2023 Corvette Z06 is a very powerful and cool car that isn't as expensive as something like a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Bugatti.

Six Flags is Quickly Going Bankrupt… Again

By: Jake Themely, Journalist

In the early 2000s, Six Flags went bankrupt before coming out of bankruptcy. This happened because Six Flags spent too much money on all of their parks and they couldn't afford to maintain them anymore....

Is Warner Bros. Going Out Of Business?

By: Jake Themely, Journalist

Warner Bros. has been around for almost 100 years and has made tons of super-famous movies and TV shows. HBO and, thus, HBO Max are owned by Warner Bros., along with Cartoon Network, DC, Looney Tunes,...

The Velkase Velka 3

By: Michael Philipov, Journalist

The Velkase Velka 3 is a case with dimensions of 189 x 96 x 218 mm (7.4 x 3.8 x 8.6 in) and an external volume of 3.9 liters and an internal volume of 3.7 liters. It's the smallest case that can operate...

Are Self Driving Cars Safer than Cars Driven by Humans?

By: Owen Elling, Journalist

  Self-driving cars are here and there is a lot of excitement surrounding new technology. However, it should be reliable and secure before large-scale deployment. Do you believe self-driving cars...

How to Kick a Soccer Ball

By: Owen Elling, Journalist

    Did your big toe mysteriously ache and your toenails turn black when you tried to kick a soccer ball? Don't worry, welcome to the black toenail club where all great players go. Take...

Jordan, Nike, and how to resell them.

By: Kevin Lopez Caballero, Journalist
One of the most known things around the world are shoes and even most know is these hype shoes Jordan's and Nike are know for them making the shoes Jordan's specifically like the Jordan fours one of the most know style of Jordan's .

A Brief History on Soccer Cleats

By: Kevin Lopez Caballero , Journalist
Nike soccer cleats are usually used for playing the sport soccer  you wear different cleats depending really on what you like or the position you play .

Physics of a plane

By: Owen Elling, Journalist

The physics of a plane comprise 4 things.  Lift is the force that causes an aircraft to take off, thrust is the power which pushes it forward, traction is the force that slows it down , and gravity is...

Top 3 Fastest Produced Motorcycles

By: James Crowley, Journalist
Reading this article you will learn about the fastest superbikes in the world.

How Toothbrushes Were Invented

By: Kian Abris, Journalist
One of the most famous items for fantastic hygiene is the toothbrush.

Scientists Suggest to Send Atomic Clocks Into Space To Search For Dark Matter

By: Tiger Deng, Journalist
Quantum sensors may help uncover the most mysterious substance in the Universe.

V.A.R. FIFA World Cup Advancements

By: Darwin Hernandez, journalist

The 2022 World Cup is the most advanced World Cup in years. The video assistant referee Is a system that helps referees if the player is offside, or is a goal counted or not, and if a player was fouled...

What are Electrical Capacitors

By: Darwin Hernandez, journalist

Electric capacitors are used to store electric energy in a circuit. In a circuit the capacitors stores energy where if the electrical charge is interrupted the electrical charge in the capacitors will...

How A Pressure Washer Works

By: Darwin Hernandez, Journalist

Pressure washers clean things like driveways, building walls, sidewalks, and decks that are too dirty that a normal hose can't wash away. How a pressure washer works is that it uses pressurized tap water...

How The Motor Functions With Gas

By: Kevin Lopez Caballero , Journalist
How do motors work , motor are mechanical devises that create motion. AC Motors are electro-mechanical devices powered by alternating current to produce rotational motion.

Longswords Vs Katanas

By: Kian Abris, Journalist
Swords are a very popular weapon in the modern world. Its featured in tv shows, movies, anime's, and cartoons. But what is the most popular swords in history?

Wildlife Crossings

By: Julian D'Bayan, Journalist
Wildlife crossings are crossings made for animals to traverse man-made obstacles, mainly roads. Read this article to learn about their importance.

The Top 5 Most Expensive Boats

By: Finn Yeh, Journalist
This story is about the top 5 most expensive yachts.

A Generator Harnessing Both Solar And Wind Energy

By: Julian D'Bayan, Journalist
PowerNEST is an innovative renewable and efficient energy generator that can be installed on high-rise buildings. Read on to learn more about it.

Houseplants Modified To Reduce Air Pollutions

By: Valery Cordon , Journalist
Neo-P1 has been genetically modified to produce metabolic pathways capable of detoxifying air pollutants. It works, for example, by converting chemicals to sugars and nitrogen oxides (noxious substances) into an ATP molecule, which the plant can then use to produce proteins.

[Video] How to Properly Open a Door

Opening doors to us is as simple as breathing, but because it’s such a simple concept, we rarely ever give thought about how we open a door.

How To Use A Makerbot Replicator

By: Oliver Tabbal, Journalist

The Makerbot Replicator is a 3D printer that has a good print size limit and print speed. It also has a camera which you can access through the app to see your print anywhere. Here is how to use it. Loading...

Mass Extinction

By: Valery Cordon , "Journalist"

A mass extinction event is triggered when a species dies much more rapidly than it is being reproduced. This is because of extreme variations in temperature, rising sea levels, or massive volcano's erupting....

Living Off the Grid With a Tesla….Semi-Truck

By: Namish Gupta, Journalist
By now, everyone has heard of the Tesla event that happened about a week ago, focusing on a concept introduced by Tesla a couple years ago: The Tesla Semi Truck.

How to Set Up a Podcasting Studio

By: Noah Siegel, Journalist
Podcasting has become a very popular way of putting your voice or someone else's voice to the public. A good podcast studio has multiple cameras and microphones. In this article, you will learn how to build your very own podcasting studio.

Hydrogen Car

By: Logan Xavier Lee, Journalist
Hydrogen cars provide a new renewable power source.

Cells And Their Roles In The Immune System

By: Logan Lee, Journalist
There is lots to learn about the immune system, and cells are arguably the most interesting part.

Interactive Gloves

By: Logan Lee, Journalist
These gloves use these sensors on the tips of the fingers to tell when they are touching. So if you code each fingertip to do something different, you can do a lot of things.

[Video] The Engineering On How Bows Were Built

By: Kian Abris, Journalist
Bows and arrow's are a very popular weapon. Its been featured in Hollywood movies, Tv shows, Anime etc.

A Simulated Heart Attack To Build New Heart Medications

By: Victor Cao, Journalist

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., responsible for nearly 700,000 deaths in 2020. There are many mysteries relating to this disease, without any reliable and consistent cure. However,...

Up Up and Away! … On a Motorcycle???

By: Namish Gupta, Journalist
A motorcycle that can fly.

The Engineering of Katanas

By: Kian Abris, Journalist
Katanas are one of the most famous weapons in the world.

3 Powerful Medieval Siege Weapons of the Past

By: Tyko Williamson, Journalist
Medieval siege weapons are inventions that were made for medieval war. Like the battering ram is one of the first siege weapons to ever be developed in antiquity.

India is Trying to Build the Worlds Biggest Facial Recognition System

By: George Chami, Journalist
These companies have made India a safer and better place. There are over 300,000 kids missing and its to difficult to find them manually, so this technology has been a huge help for India's police.
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