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If Untreated, This Is A Deadly Virus

Cholera is a rare disease that is highly contagious. Cholera can be deadly if not treated, but if it is treated there is a high chance of surviving. This disease is caused by a bacteria called Vibrio cholerae. Symptoms of Cholera can look like excessive vomiting and extremely watery diarrhea. The severe water loss can lead to dehydration and shock, which is the main reason why the disease is so life-threatening. The most common reason for obtaining Cholera is poor sanitation and consuming contaminated food or water. Cholera can typically be found in poorly cooked or uncooked seafood and meat. Cholera is most common in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Haiti. The first sighting of Cholera was in 1817 in India. The country’s trading routes had spread this disease, creating a pandemic. In 1884 Robert Koch found the bacteria for the disease Cholera.  In 1885 Leonard Rogers created the first effective vaccine, saving hundreds of people.

How to fight Cholera

  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Antibiotics
  • Vaccines

How to prevent Cholera

  • Eat hot food
  • Boil your water before drinking
  • Close all your food
  • Wash hands before eating and after using the restroom
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KENT is better than most purifiers because it includes:

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