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Why Runners Are Getting Better Over Time

How Runners are becoming so much better now than in the past.

How is it that less than a century ago nobody could get a sub-four-minute mile, but now over a thousand people have done it? What is the science behind runners getting faster over time? There are three main reasons why runners are getting faster.


First, we know more about nutrition and how much the body needs to function correctly. An example is that athletes are set to a certain day-to-day diet that maximizes their speed and agility. Another thing is that we know how much sleep athletes should get each night, and most athletes are dedicated to a consistent sleep schedule. We also know more about what a healthy diet is and what to, or not to eat before a race. Here are a few things to stay away from before running. Any form of spicy food, you shouldn’t eat spicy food before running because it can cause indigestion or heartburn, which can leave many people in pain or discomfort. High-fat foods like cake, and cookies, tends to take longer to digest, which will make you feel uncomfortable and sluggish.


Why do runners wear running shoes? Why do runners even need to wear running shoes instead of regular shoes? Well, I’ll tell you. Many athletes and runners wear shoes that help them run faster without damaging their feet. These shoes have been improved by adding more support and ergonomics while at the same time providing more cushioning for your foot. This can help to reduce muscle fatigue and make it easier to stay on a consistent pace without stopping.

Training Facilities

A lot of athletes and runners use training facilities because it helps them maximize their potential in their dedicated sports. Training facilities have been improved by having more accessible and expensive equipment. And new workouts have been popularized, like the deadlift, which requires you to pull a loaded bar off the ground, and up to your hips, and back down in multiple sets. This helps build muscle mass and at the same time help build strength. And with the improvement of technology we can track heart rate, pace, distance and time easier than ever.


The sub-four-minute-mile was considered impossible because no man had ever done it before. But when Roger Bannister broke the record on May 6, 1954 people were shocked because everyone had already said and believed that it was a record to never be broken. And because of Roger Braister’s growth mindset, over a thousand people have done it.


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