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The Hottest Summer on Record

The summer of 2023 is the hottest summer ever recorded in the past 2000 years
This is how global warming is caused

The weather in the summer of 2023 was the hottest summer ever recorded. A study done by Cambridge University and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz focused on highlighting the true weight of global warming. If we do not take action now on reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses being released in the atmosphere, then the abnormal temperatures of 2023 will become normal.

The scientist in the study put together a model to be able to bring awareness to where global warming is now. Tree rings are able to allow people to have a better understanding of the present climate in the Northern Hemisphere. The rings in a tree represent each year of a tree’s life. The rings can differ in size based on different factors, like soil, temperature, climate, and rainfall during the year. Using this model, the scientists were able to compare the temperatures of different periods in time. Such as the Little Ice Age, the Roman Empire, and the Little Antique Ice Age. The scientists found that the summer of 2023 stood out due to its strange heat. 

The tree ring model was able to show just how drastic global warming has become in the more recent years. Taking the data collected by the tree rings, researchers were able to find that 2023 was about 35.7 degrees hotter than the average summer temperatures from 1850 to 1900. If nothing happens to the way we are doing things now, then the temperatures are expected to go up dramatically.

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