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Laser Maze Security System

Using Arduino to make a laser maze security system

For our engineering project, we made a laser maze security system. A laser maze security system uses a laser that connects to a LDR(Light Dependant Resistor), and when that beam is crossed, an alarm goes off.

To make this, we needed to order a green laser, some wooden balls, magnets, a laser mount, and mirrors.

We put magnets in the wooden balls and on the mirrors to make an adjustable platform for the mirrors so we could angle where the laser went. We drilled holes and used wood glue to put the magnets into the wooden balls, and we used super glue to put magnets on the mirrors.

After getting that done, it was time to set up the laser security system part of the project. We followed the instructions to put the Arduino together, but we had a problem. The code that we were using didn’t work properly, there was a long delay between when the laser was crossed and when the alarm would go off. To solve this problem, we altered the code many times until it worked.

However, when the laser mount arrived, we ran into another problem. The laser mount was way too small for our laser. To solve this, we got a PVC pipe that was around the same width as our laser, and cut it to the right size with the bandsaw, and then drilled a hole to connect it to the laser mount.

And now, with the right code, a mount, and magnetic mirrors to angle the laser, our laser maze security system works properly.



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