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A Tire Factory In Thailand Will Have The World’s Largest Rooftop Solar Farm

All About Tires And Solar Panels

A tire factory in Thailand will have the world’s largest solar farm. Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Falken’s tires, have spent 175,000 dollars into the solar panel project for the top of this tire factory. The solar array is 100,000 square meter (1076391 square feet). That is more than 10 football fields! The tire industry is trying to go 100 percent sustainable. They have been selling tires to one hundred countries for over two years and have held that relationship with the countries.

They have used multiple strategies to become more reliable and efficient. They have 40,000 solar panels all over the top of their roofs. The array will be done by January of 2025, and will hopefully be the first in the world. The array will produce 22 megawatts – enough to power the factory for a while and it will use less pollutants.

The factory is located 50 km south-east, near Bangkok. It was founded  in 1909 by UK’s Dunlop. It is the world’s fifth-largest tire company, and that is probably going to rise. It has a bright future as sustainability will help long-term. They will use the array to stop the use of coal and other non-replenishable materials. They will make machines faster and more reliable. They have brought all of the solar panels they need.

They have bought all of the solar panels Kansai Electric Power Co. for 175,000 dollars into these solar panels. The panels will power all of the machinery inside and outside. They will all power the vehicles. Falken’s tires is trying to improve for the future with the new solar array to improv the outcome of non-natural gases and other materials. Their company lead by Sumitomo Rubber Industries has progressed a lot since thy have changed to the solar energy  source. They will hopefully be successful.


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