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Flammable ice

How China Found Flammable Ice And How It Works

What “flammable ice” is

Methane hydrate also known as “flammable ice” is an ice like compound of water molecules that contains natural gas, methane. Methane is component of natural gas, and it could be used as a good energy source. This methane hydrate or “flammable ice” is found in an underwater tundra. Since the methane molecules are so closely structured within a crystalline structure of water molecules, it makes an ice like substance. China estimates that there are about eighty billion tons of potentially flammable ice in the waters.

How China found the “flammable ice”

China made a drilling vessel named “Mengxiang” which can drill the deepest depths. This ship can reach 36,089 feet or (11,000 meters). This ship was built to get “flammable ice” which is charged with methane. This is found in the ocean in an underwater tundra.

The Mengxiang.

The Mengxiang is 179.8 meters in length, 32.8 meters in width, and around 33,000 tons. it is equipped with a drill that is used to drill through the ocean surface. It will go on a first voyage according to the China geological survey of the ministry of natural resources. This ship will help China explore more of the ocean and use more natural gas hydrates. China will be more independent in getting energy and improve its ability to drill under the ocean. The ship will use smart technology like the digital twin system to work better and monitor drilling operations.

How flammable ice helps.

Methane gas/”flammable ice” produces 50% fewer carbon emissions than coal, making flammable ice a great alternative energy resource. flammable ice is extracted from the ocean floor may become a major source of energy in the future. According to researchers if ways to extract flammable ice are perfected, the deposits may guarantee one thousand years of global consumption.


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