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Like a Pro

In engineering there are a certain fundamental set of skills which one needs to be proficient. Our “Like a Pro” series covers the basic operations and rules of engagement for working with the fabrications machines, materials and processes in the engineering lab.

person playing magic cube

3×3 Rubik’s Cube

By: Ebenezer Gudissa, Journalist
How to solve a 3x3 in 10 minutes. Learn it in 10 easy steps
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Printers That Don’t Need Ink

By: Dahlia Kassim, Journalist
Over a billion ink cartridges are sold each year globally, ink is extremely harmful to the environment because of the greenhouse gases it takes to produce them. What if there was an environmentally friendly solution?
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purple and white led light

The Worlds Most Powerful Laser

By: Declan Edwards, Journalist
The university of japan has the most powerful laser but the us's new laser is going to try to beat it.
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white and black hair comb

Edible 3-D printing

By: Declan Edwards, journalist
They can 3-D print anything from rockets to food
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rejected running shoes - salomon mens xt wings gtx - _MG_1875 by sean dreilinger is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Mistakes People Make When Running

By: Javier Torrico, Journalist
Running is an essential skill for strong bones, healthy joints, and feeling great, yet some people still don't know how to run properly. Here are some common mistakes people make while running and how to run faster in general.
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closeup photo of yellow lemon

Creating Electricity With Fruit And Vegetables

By: Nathan Brown , Journalist
when two different metals are put into the potato the salts in the potato creates a bridge between them and the electricity is created when the ions released from the salt travel from one metal to another.
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Meub, Alex. “Simple Wood Arcade Stick.” Instructables, Instructables, 19 Feb. 2023,

#woodBOX Construction Of A Arcade Stick

By: Brian Trong-Khanh Nguyen, Journalist
Directions and list of materials to build an arcade fighting board.
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Nutella chocolate spread on brown wooden table

How Nutella Is Made

By: Maxwell Neuberg, Journalist
This article will tell you what goes into nutella and how it is made in a step-by-step in a factory with some fun facts along the way.
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person holding blue light bulb

This New Prosthetic Hand Called the Ability Hand Contains Touch Sensors

By: Gavin Singhvi, Journalist
A company in Illinois by the name Pysonic made a touch-sensing hand that is very tough and durable.
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All About Wire

All About Wire

By: Javier Torrico , Journalist
Cables are so common in our lives that we don't always think about them.
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red and white heart shaped decor

Any Shade Of Lipstick You Can Print

The future of makeup! Imagine a printer that can print any shade of lipstick color you would ever need on the go. YSL has created one and it can create up to 4,000 shades of lipstick. This $299 device...

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Picture of a Keto Diet. By: Arizona Wellness Medicine

The Effects of A Keto Diet

By: Amna Muddisser, Journalist
A Keto Diet is not an easy one. Learn about the effects on your body when doing a keto diet.
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