Engineering Lab: General Safety Rules

  1. Always wear eye protection in the lab.  This is a Virginia state law.
  2. Secure loose clothing, jewelry, or anything that can get caught in the machinery.
  3. Tie back long hair to avoid getting caught in the machinery.
  4. Obtain the teacher’s permission before using any of the equipment.
  5. Do not use equipment unless you know how it works.  Ask your teacher for help if you are not sure.
  6. Visually inspect the machine before each use.  If anything breaks or appears to be working incorrectly, tell your teacher immediately.
  7. All equipment must be turned off if the teacher leaves the lab.
  8. Report all injuries to the teacher immediately, no matter how minor.
  9. No playing around, running or sliding in the lab.  Move slowly and cautiously.
  10. Give the equipment your full attention.  Concentrate, do not talk, or look away from your work.
  11. Do not distract the person operating the equipment.
  12. Select the proper equipment for the job.
  13. Always check everything yourself.
  14. Make all adjustments to the equipment and safety guards before the machine is turned on.
  15. Always turn equipment off and wait for it to come to a complete stop before you walk away.
  16. Observe the work zone.  The work zone is the area that has been marked on the floor around each piece of equipment.
  17. Only one person should be in the work zone at a time.  DO NOT crowd the person operating the machine.
  18. Clean up after yourself and return equipment to the proper place.