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The Importance of Shear Walls

Shear walls are an easy and efficient design in the process of construction


In the process of construction, harsh winds and earthquakes can tear down all of your work. With the invention of shear walls that problem is no longer here. Shear walls are used in many  construction designs now. They  are seen to be much safer in the process of construction.

The Process of Shear Walls

Shear walls have are placed into a think base, like concrete. Framing, using wood is to help the wall have a back bone and not fall over.  Steel bars could be placed inside a frame to make the walls stronger. For extra durability concrete is poured into the frame. As it hardens and connects the shear walls are functionable. These steps are vey important in containing and having a strong durable wall.

Importance of Shear Walls

Lateral forces, caused by earthquakes, strong winds, and other rocking motions usually would destroy any building. Shear walls help prevent that from happening. Additionally, with a wall strong enough to prevent any disasters, the buildings using shear walls will stop deformation. Swaying or twisting the building in any way won’t be a problem. These walls support the building to equally distributed weight throughout the foundation. Otherwise known as vertical loads. When this happens, the building will become stiffer decreasing the amount of deformation and the chance of collapsing. The effectiveness of these walls are shown, as in the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, shear walls are used. Showing that the strong winds at such a high altitude still doesn’t sway and differ the building, the shear walls are very important.  This skyscraper has a core consisting of concrete added on to the shear walls. Additionally, in a high earthquake environment such as San Francisco, USA, the tallest building, the Transamerica Pyramid also uses shear walls. The likelihood of the tallest building in a high earthquake environment to collapse shows how effective shear walls are. This building is still standing in a place like this.


With the creation of shear walls, it creates safety and durability to modern buildings. In the process of construction, using this type of walls is easier to deal with. As it provides strength to the foundation, and the project won’t fall from any casualties resulting in starting over.  In the future shear walls should be modernized as it is shown to be very impactful in construction.


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