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Updates about projects being made in the ESTEEM Center Engineering Design Lab.

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How to Construct a Console Table From a Single Sheet of Plywood

By: Meg Lagera, Journalist
Using a single sheet of 4' x 8' plywood and minimal instructions, you can construct a phenomenal, lightweight, solid, wood-styled console table.
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the mrbrown show: Podcast Studio v6 by mr brown is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

How to Set Up a Podcasting Studio

By: Noah Siegel, Journalist
Podcasting has become a very popular way of putting your voice or someone else's voice to the public. A good podcast studio has multiple cameras and microphones. In this article, you will learn how to build your very own podcasting studio.
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Aquaponics Beta Test

A summery of what we have learned about our small scale aquaponics system and our plans for the 2022-2023 school year.
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#ArduinoArm Project Instructions

By: Oliver Tabbal, Journalist
Learn step by step how to build a robot arm with Arduino.
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#COVIDFREE Progress Report

By: Joe Lam, Journalists

So today we have managed to make and attached our planned robotic arm onto the platform that would be our remote-control car. The robotic hand is used to grab and hold the hand sanitizer. It was now capable...

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#ALPHABOARD - Testing the Skateboard

#ALPHABOARD – Testing the Skateboard

Today we tested the electric skateboard outside on the basketball court. We realized the motor couldn't handle the weight of a human being on the skateboard. Although, if there is no one on the skateboard,...

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#ALPHABOARD - Assembling The Board

#ALPHABOARD – Assembling The Board

By: Annie Carstater, Journalist

Today, we attached the velcro to the skateboard to hold the materials in place. After testing the skateboard, we ran into another problem. We found out that the belt for the motor is too big. To combat...

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Arduino code for dc motors.

APS Post #11

I finally figured out how to change the direction of the motors. You change the HIGH and LOW. These are the changes I made: case Mid_button: digitalWrite(left_motor1,LOW); digitalWrite(left_motor2,HIGH); digitalWrite(right_motor1,LOW); digitalWrite(right_motor2,HIGH); break; case...

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An ir remote sensor attached to 4 yellow wires.

APS Post #10

I finally figured out how to make the circuit work with the ir remote controller. It originally didn't work because I soldered it wrong, I wired it incorrectly, etc. If you solder the wires together, make...

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#ALPHABOARD - Drilling and Designing

#ALPHABOARD – Drilling and Designing

Today we are drilling the hole in the truck to secure the motor in place. We are also still designing our container to hold all the parts onto the board. We drilled the holes in the truck and have attached...

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#ALPHABOARD - Assembling The Pieces

#ALPHABOARD – Assembling The Pieces

Today we are reassembling the truck to put back onto the skateboard. We also fixed the issue with the wheel and gear. We are also brainstorming ideas on how we should attach the materials onto the board...

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Today we put the motor, the ESC, and the battery all together! It worked! We also had to trim parts off the wheel, working further on what we did last post. We...

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