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Nuclear Engineering

China To Unveil Worlds Most Powerful X-ray Source

China To Unveil World’s Most Powerful X-ray Source

By: Basheir Khalid, Journalist
China is set to reveal its advanced High Energy Photon Source (HEPS) by the end of the year, which will feature some of the most powerful synchrotron X-rays in the world. With a substantial investment of 4.8 billion yuan (around 665 million USD), this facility represents a significant achievement for Asia, placing China among the top nations with fourth-generation synchrotron light sources.
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You believed this didnt you

Nuclear Waste, What On Earth Is It?

By: Marcus Ryan, Journalist
Nuclear waste is a blanket term for a large amount of radioactive things. Not all nuclear waste is created equal, they are often classified into three levels.  The first level of waste comes in the form of lightly irradiated things, like hazmat suits and tools that came in close proximity to radioactive materials. This tier constitutes to 90% of total nuclear waste and thankfully so.
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gray concrete towers under white clouds and blue sky during daytime

How Nuclear Power Can Reach Climate Goals

By: Olivia Rose, Journalist
Some struggles that have striked the nuclear power industry are radioactive waste, high financial cost, and regulatory requirements. As well as  heavy competition with renewable energy, these challenges have stopped the nuclear power industry  from taking over the kind of power people use.
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Nuke by blueforce4116 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

The Difference Between Strategic And Tactical Nuclear Bombs

By: David Leach, Journalist
Although most people consider nuclear weapons (nukes) as just the exact same big bomb, they are actually much more than that.
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timelapse photography of warped lines

The Theory of Relativity and Space Travel

By: Christian Jeon, Journalist
Space travel is growing more and more important. If we really want to explore the cosmos, we have to study the Theory of Relativity.
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Dogs In Chernobyl Are Genetically Distinct After Years Of Radiation Exposure

By: Gary Taylor, Journalist
While most of the humans were relocated, the surrounding areas to the chernobyl power plant are home to generations of dogs .Just by looking at the DNA of dogs living close to chernobyl it was clear that they were genetically different than dogs elsewhere in the world.
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Quantum Teleportation Pulls Energy Out of Thin Air

By: Tiger Deng, Journalist
Energy out of thin air? Using quantum mechanics.
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Copy from U.S. National Archives, RG 77-AEC. Chuck Hansen, The Swords of Armageddon: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Development Since 1945 (Sunnyvale, CA: Chukelea Publications, 1995)

Little Boy, Fat Man, and Trinity

By: Thomas Ahern, Journalist
On August 6th, 1945, an atomic bomb known as Little Boy was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan.
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File:Electron shell 090 Thorium - no label.svg by commons:User:Pumbaa (original work by commons:User:Greg Robson) is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Why Thorium Rocks

By: Reece von Elling, Journalist
Nuclear fission is the most powerful source of energy at human disposal. But it only makes up 2% of the energy used in our modern world. Why?
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The German V-2 Rocket

The German V-2 Rocket

By: Lucas Nguyen, Journalist

The V-2 Rocket is a German-designed rocket and considered to be the first long range ballistic guided missile in the world which was used post war by the Allies for their atomic warheads. How It Works The...

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Nuclear Grunge Symbol by Free Grunge Textures - is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power

By: Philip Hughes, Journalist
What are the Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power and is it better compared to others? There are a lot of benefits to nuclear energy, but there are also some problems with it, along with there being two different types. So, is nuclear energy what we need right now, or just another problem with the world?
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