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Oklahoma Plan to Build the Tallest U.S. Tower

Scot Matteson Plans on Building The Fifth Tallest Building in The World

“Legends Tower” will potentially overtake the One World Trade Center as the tallest building the the country. Officials have given the green light for the development of this tower and will be built in Oklahoma City, a tornado prone state.

Scot Matteson proposed to build a 134-story tower that stands at 1,750 feet, second to the One World Trade Center which is 1,776 feet. However, Matteson has further increase the height, aiming to construct the tallest building in the U.S. at 1907 feet, while simultaneously commemorating the year Oklahoma gained statehood. This projects also features three smaller towers each standing at 345 feet.

Expanding across 5 million square feet, the project will come with varied uses. Legends Tower will have a offer a 350-key hotel and 1,776 residential units spanning from market rate, luxury, and affordable options; 110,000 square feet specifically for restaurant’s and commercial use; the upper levels will consist of observatory site and hangout areas that allow visitors to view the city from above.

Why will Legends Tower be built in Oklahoma?

The new approved height will make Legends Tower the fifth tallest building globally, and twice the size of Oklahoma’s former tallest building.

Matteson said in a statement that Oklahoma City is “well-positioned to support large-scale projects like the one envisioned for Bricktown.” Matteson and AO also believe Legends Tower will appeal to tourist and further improve the economy by attracting investors and promoting job growth.

Along with the other vibrant and successful attractions such as the Oklahoma City Thunders stadium, the Legends Tower will further contribute to the popularity of Oklahoma City and will align with Bricktown Entertainment Districts’ goal of becoming an area filled with culture and amusement.

Critics have doubted the structural stability, especially in a city vulnerable to tornadoes. However, a designer at AO insures the public that engineers have built windows able to survive tornado-winds and reinforced the elevators shafts with concrete.

Legends Tower is a massive advancement and will massively impact the way Oklahoma City is viewed from the outside. Offering affordable housing, entertainment, observatory site, and commercial use will positively affect Oklahoma city and it’s citizens.

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