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Cicadas Are Coming Back

This year, two broods of cicadas will emerge and trillions of cicadas will appear

Two rare broods of cicadas are expected to emerge this year in an occurrence that has not taken place in about 200 years. These two types of cicadas, Brood XIX and Brood XIII, will emerge in the trillions in 17 different states in America and are predicted to surface when the ground temperature reaches about 64 degrees this summer.

Typically, cicadas surface every few years, with each brood named based on when they emerge. Different groups appear at different times depending on their lifecycle and how long they stay underground before emerging. What makes these two groups of cicadas special is that they have not emerged at the same time since 1803. Brood XIX emerges every 13 years in the southeastern area of the United States and Brood XIII appears every 17 years in the north-central area of the United States, and are expected to overlap in Illinois this year. This event will not occur for the next 221 years, making this a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There are many disagreements about cicadas, with some individuals who love them, and others who despise these creatures. With this year’s rare dual emergence of cicadas, many cicada and bug lovers look forward to this event. Many other individuals detest these critters, as although they are harmless, they can be loud. In addition, with the double emergence, comes more bodies to clean up once they die.



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