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AMD Ryzen 7 8700g

A Step In a New Direction
A video on the AMD Ryzen 7 8700g

For many years now buying a CPU and a dedicated GPU was necessary for desktop users, but times have changed. In the last couple of years AMD and Intel have been slowly beefing up their integrated graphics for their desktop CPU’s ,but they were still horrible and almost aways required a physical GPU to go with it. But in the laptop industry it is a different story. Many laptops lack a GPU so AMD and Intel provide more powerful integrated graphics so you can play  games without a GPU on these devices. These performance in these iGPU’s used to be locked in laptops, but not for long.

What is an APU?

The AMD Ryzen 7 8700g like the AMD Ryzen 5 5600g is not a CPU as many would think. It is an APU. APU stand for accelerated processing unit. APU’s are like CPU’s but integrate a CPU and a GPU on one central die. This results in lower power consumption in systems that use APU’s. APU’s have the potential to be the future of budget gaming, as if these GPUs in the APU’s are powerful enough to run games at the performance of a like a GTX 1660 then it would be worth the extra money.

The AMD Ryzen 7 8700g

The AMD Ryzen 7 8700g AMD’s newest APU. It is on the new AM5 platform that will be supported until 2025, which ensures the best future proofing. The Ryzen 8 8700g has eight cores and sixteen threads, with a max boost clock of 5.1GHz, and a TDW of 65w, which is not much for a CPU and GPU. On the processor side the 8700g is not lacking at all. But how are the integrated graphics? Well, it is okay. The graphics that the 8700g provides is comparable to a GTX 1650. Which is not bad considering that in AMD’s last generation of APU’s in the 7 5700g’s graphics were about on par with a rx550. So, the 8700g is around 190% faster in terms of graphics, which is amazing.

Should you buy the 8700g?

The 8700g is large performance boost since the latest APU from AMD, but is it enough to justify the 329-dollar price tag? The CPU on the 8700g is comparable to an i7 8700, which is around three hundred dollars. But remember that the i7 is around 7-year-old! The GPU on the 8700g is comparable to an GTX 1650. Though the 7 8700g might seem like a deal you can defiantly get a better CPU and GPU combo for three hundred dollars or less. Such as the 5 5500 and RX 6600. The Ryzen 5 5500 and RX 6600 is around 105% faster than the 8700g for less. With this combo you can play any game in 1080p medium to high settings, which will be a much better solution for purely gaming. Though if you cannot afford a decent GPU or just do not want to the 8700g has eight performance cores which will fare well in video editing, 3d modeling, or other CPU intensive tasks. So, to get the 7 8700g and to not get the 7 8700g? That is the question, but unlike Shakespeare this decision just comes down to your personal needs. Do you need that performance, or are you okay with spending more for a lesser system?


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