The Tesla Model 3


By: Finn Kelleher

Tesla, an electric automotive company, is releasing their newest model: the Tesla Model 3. The Model 3 will be delivered later this month. After that the standard battery will begin production in November. In the Spring of 2018 the AWD vehicles will be released. Finally, the production of right-handed vehicles will begin production. The Model 3 is more similar to the Model S than the X. The Model 3 is 12.8 inches smaller in length then Model S. The Model 3 is more affordable and starts at a price of only $35,000, while the S currently costs $62,700. The Model 3 is designed for safety and to be the most affordable.

The Model S launches at 2.5-4.2 seconds from 0-60, while the 3 takes 5.1-5.6, more consistent, yet slower. The Range for the S is 335 compared to 310. Tesla’s charging stations, called Superchargers, are free and limitless with the Model S, but unfortunately the Model 3 requires pay per use.

Some of the many safety features include an electronic stability system and traction control, as well as emergency collision control and braking. There also is a 15″ touchscreen and LTE and Wi-Fi services, as well as voice activated controls.

This relates to engineering because the automotive engineers are solving their most important problem: affordability. Tesla does this by creating a cheaper model, the Model 3. This is still a high quality vehicle with the best features in the future of engineering and science. They are able to sell it for less by discontinuing the Supercharging program for the Model 3. This takes thousands of the price of the Model 3.