What is Drifting?



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Image source: http://www.univision.com/noticias/nissan/nissan-y-un-drift-muy-especial-en-un-centro-comercial-abandonado

This is the science behind Drifting a car.

The term “Drifting” is often referred to when a cars rear tires lose traction and the rear end sticks out causing the car to slide in a sideways manner. Drifting is also known as “over steer.” The company Hoonigan is all about drifting. They’ve done crazy things such as drifting around a wrecking ball, drifting on the edge of a dock and mountain, under a lowered excavator, etc.

To control a drift, you have to counter-steer the wheels the opposite direction of the turn you are attempting when the rear tires start losing traction. But if you turn too hard, your car will start to begin a spin where it’s very difficult to get out of. If you don’t turn hard or quick enough, your car will either spin into the corner, or spin outward of the corner.