Self-driving Cars


This picture shows the parts of Uber’s self-driving car and their functions.

Uber has begun using the first wave of self-driving cars for their company. Already, the new cars have caused protests after one of Uber’s cars hit and killed a woman crossing the street in Tempe, Arizona. The car failed to sense a pedestrian and the driver, who was looking down at her lap according to videos, failed to stop the car. The accident brings to light the dangers of self-driving cars.


Self-driving cars have been a popular idea since the invention of cars. Engineers have worked on developing prototypes of self-driving cars and few have been able to begin production for sales. The idea of having these cars is a widely debated subject around the world due to the dangers it may bring. After and accident like this, people who protest the idea can further their argument against self-driving cars.

Mechanical engineers and electrical engineers would have been the ones to design and develop the self-driving cars used by Uber. After such an incident, proving the car’s sensors failed, Uber says that they will continue using the cars and return to testing the safety of their vehicles before use. Due to this decision, Uber is expected to lose many riders.