How the YouTube Algorithm works

The Youtube Algorithm

By: Finn Yeh, Journalist

How do you get views? How do you get subscribers? I will be explaining how the algorithm works and the best ways to get subscribers and views. So what is the algorithm? The algorithm is YouTube’s computer that looks for key things like what each individual viewer likes/watches in their feed, their watch history, and videos they leave a like or dislike as there are other things, but these are 3 big things it looks for. The ways to get your videos seen more is looking for topics that are very popular on Youtube. The way to get videos to get views is to start off with youtube shorts. YouTube shorts is YouTube’s version of tiktok, you can go to the Shorts section and scroll with short videos under 60 seconds. The reason why you should do this is because it is easier for other people to see since you scroll through videos vs scrolling through the YouTube’s recommended videos. I have started doing this and my shorts average over 1 thousand views with my highest viewed short having 18 thousand views and 600 likes. If you produce shorts that contain topics that are popular right now like football, soccer, food hacks, and that kind of stuff than the Algorithm will show it more since it is coded to give the viewers videos that are popular. Once you gain a good amount of subscribers you can continue doing long term videos of what you want.


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