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How AI Was Invented

By: Muhammad Khan, Journalist
AI is the best technology and It will make the world better. Find out how they invented it.
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The Rise of AI Image Generators

By: Oliver Tabbal, Journalist
AI image generators have come so far in the past year, from a cool concept to making legitimate pieces of artwork.
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Robot, av forsaken-art., NTB scanpix, PantherMedia. ( CC BY-NC 4.0.

Nikola The Emotional Android Child

At the Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2022, the RIKEN Guardian Robot Project from Japan showed off their child-like android, Nikola. This robot can display six basic human emotions: happiness, surprise, fear, disgust, sadness, and anger. 
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Deep Blue The Chess Computer That Beat A World Class Champion

By: Phu-Duc Nguyen, Journalist
Leaving the score at 3 1/2 to 2 1/2. Which meant that Deep Blue won and Garry Kasparov lost.
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Boston Dynamics - Industrial Robots Made Real

Boston Dynamics – Industrial Robots Made Real

By: Philip Do, Journalist
Boston Dynamics is one of the most known industrial robotics companies. They have made insane projects from humanoid robots, to a robot dog that is used in construction sites.
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Why There Will Be a Robot Apocalypse

By: Selenia Behrouzi, Journalist
Robot Apocalypse
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Engineered robot that play basketball

Robot That Can Shoot Like Steph Curry

By: Rishithasree Poshala, Journalist
Have you ever seen a robot play basketball? In fact, it also never misses a single shot! Engineers in Japan built a robot that was seven foot and 220 pounds.
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Surveillance camera by Matti Mattila is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Upcoming AI Powered Surveillance Systems

Surveillance cameras are vital to keeping areas safe and having visual footage of what is happening at a certain place or time. The roles of surveillance cameras are to increase public safety. They are...

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Personalised Medicine by GDS Infographics is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Personalized Drugs

By: An Nguyen
Modern medicine has developed the ability to create medicine specifically for our individual gene patterns.
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OpenAI hide and seek

AI Agent Hide and Seek – OpenAI

In a test done by OpenAI, hiders and seekers wee placed in a virtual environment where they would play millions of games of hide and seek. At first they would just run away, but then they learned skills like blocking doors with the cubes and locking them in place.
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Drive-Thru At McDonald Is Driven By AI To Take Orders

By: Kevin Le
AI is starting to be used in the Food Service Industry, including this AI
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