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Naqi Neural Earbuds

Control for Quadriplegics

When David Segal’s friend Keith broke his neck and pelvic bone, he became quadriplegic (paralyzed in all four limbs) Keith’s life was changed dramatically, from going to running and eating his breakfast to getting fed his breakfast and being pushed in a wheelchair. It also made it very difficult to communicate with other people due to his disability. As a result, David Segal created the Naqi earbuds.

These earbuds can communicate with someone without needing to move to speak. This is controlled by moving your jaw or raising your eyebrows. The earbuds use AI to understand what command you are trying to use. This is an excellent example of how AI has helped the world by making someone feel more independent and happier. Naqi earbuds can also be used for things like controlling a wheelchair or turning on a light in your home. David Segal made earbuds that could help people with their paralysis, changing the world in a positive way.




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