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The Rise of Infinite Craft

How a game became a sensation
Some of the infinite things you can make with Infinite Craft

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of Infinite Craft, a game which has quickly become one of the biggest games online. Found on, a website already well-known for “The Password Game,” people all over flocked to the game like moths to a flame. In this game, you start with four original elements: water, fire, earth, and wind, and you combine these elements to make new objects, such as combining water and fire to make steam, or combining steam and fire to make an engine.

Infinite Craft is AI powered, leading to nearly limitless possibilities. You can make anything from Jeff Bezos to 21 Savage, or even a Cthulubugicorn! You can make pretty much anything with enough time.

Despite the fact that Infinite Craft is run by AI, not all combinations will actually create something new, leading to a challenge and competition.

First Discoveries

First Discoveries are a core factor of Infinite Craft, and are used to formulate a certain type of challenge. First Discoveries are found when you create something for the first time EVER. That means that if you are the first person to ever find a Cthulubugicorn, it will glow, make a noise, and say “First Discovery” underneath it. First Discoveries are usually Tier 2 or higher discoveries. But what are the discovery tiers?

Discovery Tiers

Discovery Tiers are based on emojis. Because every discovery has an emoji, they are used to determine the rarity of a discovery. For example, Water and Steam are Tier 1 discoveries because they only have one emoji. Most discoveries are Tier 1. But a discovery like “pterodactylmermaid” has two emojis, so it is in Tier 2. An example of a Tier 3 discovery could be  “Super Sphinx Tsunami” which has three emojis. There are even Tier 4 discoveries, but I have only found a few. One of them is “The End of the World War lii” which has 4 emojis. Primarily, First Discoveries are Tier 2 or 3, but rarely you can find a Tier 1 First Discovery. A Tier 1 first discovery that I have is called “Pig Gow”.

Other Features

Some other fun features of Infinite Craft include the “Sort By” button that lets you sort your discoveries in different ways. You can sort by name, which puts your discoveries in alphabetical order, emoji, which puts all discoveries with the same emojis together, or by time, which puts your discoveries in the order that you got them.

More on is a popular website consisting of many games, including Infinite Craft. There are plenty of other things to entertain you if Infinite Craft begins to bore you. Firstly is “The Password Game”, which is a game where you have to make a password with increasingly insane rules, having to first include normal things like a special character or a number, and eventually has you enter the URL of a specific length YouTube video.

Another game you can play is “Absurd Trolley Problems” which has you recreate the classic trolley problem with a bunch of different scenarios, such as “Minor Inconvenience” which has you choose between a person and having your Amazon package be late. The situations progressively get crazier and crazier until you finish the game and get to see your kill count.

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