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Sora AI

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Sora AI

What is Sora AI?

Sora AI is an AI developed by Open AI, which was the same company that developed the groundbreaking Chat GPT and was created in February of 2024. It is a text-to-video AI that can generate videos that are up to one minute long.  Sora is one of the most advanced AIs of our time. Only a couple of years ago AI-generated videos were sloppy, unrealistic, and imperfect. But what separates Sora from other AI is that it is extremely hyper-realistic and creates images in high resolution.

How does Sora work?

Sora uses a method called the Diffusion model. It works by taking a Markov chain using the diffusion model, and then slowly adding random noise to it so that it can learn to reverse the diffusion steps, and then create the sample from the noise. For those of you wondering what a Markov chain is, in simple terms, it is a prediction model that uses mathematics.

Dumbed down, it turns a video,  into only static. Then as stated before it will reverse the static and make it into a beautiful video. Just like Chat GPT, Sora has to be fed videos and text, to describe and teach it what the video is doing, and make it understand the difference between what is happening in the video and the image. The AI has to understand everything in a video, from 3d models to reflections and shadows, to create these images. So you can just ask Sora to generate a video, and it will generate the video with magnificent quality. For reference, I tried inserting an image made by Sora into this article, but the quality was too high so it restricted me from inserting it. This shows the power that S0ra AI has to create high-resolution images, and how advanced it is.

How and can I use Sora AI?

Sora is currently restricted to most of the public because of the harmful things some people could produce. For now, only certain people called “red teamers” who are testing Sora, are allowed to access it, because of fear of people using it irresponsibly, and creating inappropriate or illegal content. But soon video producers, editors, and filmmakers will have access to it. Though, Sora will be released to the public sooner than later for personal use but may be locked behind a paywall for some.

Is Sora the best of the best out there for image generation?

For now, Sora is decades above any other video-generating AI. As before we had horrible quality and straight-up comical videos. This AI does hundreds of times a better job of generating videos.

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