Solar Charged Stereo Cooler


By: Jacqueline Connett

This project is a portable solar charging station, stereo, and LED light that is built into a cooler. It is really portable! You can charge your phone or tablet with solar power, fill any setting with music, and also have an area light! It sounds awesome just thinking about it! You can plant it at your home so you can easily charge devices everyday and easily bring it with you for a day on the beach, on a road trip, or anywhere else. It can be very useful during power outages, or even be a main source of power in an off-grid home. The design of this unit is very flexible, and you can choose features or expand on this to meet your specific needs. This design is a very good idea and project to make!

In my opinion this project relates to engineering and the world because like one of my other post about a solar based object this project also used the engineering and designing process. They are on a time restricted schedule too! It also relates to the world because alot of people go to the beach or camping and play music. Alot of people also use coolers on trips to keep food and drinks cold. Its many uses have a great connection to the world. This relates to life because for people in tropical areas this could be a neccesary object for everyone. Types of engineers that woudl have worked on this is, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, sports engineers, and structural engineers. Alot of engineers can make such a good creation!

Putting speakers in the new creation! #solarcharger4life