LG Gram Thin and Light Laptop 17″

LG Gram Thin and Light Laptop 17

By: Jason Lim

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This is the new 2019 LG Gram which is commonly known as a lightest laptop yet. The interesting thing about this laptop is that it has a fingerprint scanner to log in. Like as usual, this has the 8th generation of intel CPU. It’s definitely light and its battery life span is very long which is about 19.5 hours of power. The most unique thing is that you don’t need an AC adapter, but you just recharge the computer with a USB-C cable which is commonly known. Lastly, it has all the safety features you need like dropping the laptop, high temperatures, and etc.

This is related to engineering by all of the electrical engineering inside this laptop. Last, it involves the particles that are needed for the laptop to actually function.