The Engineering On How Bows Were Built

Bows possibly one the best weapon for far range back then.


Source: Jakub Jankiewicz

“Bow and Arrow” by jcubic is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

By: Kian Abris, Journalist


Bows and arrows are a very popular weapon. It’s been featured in Hollywood movies, Tv shows, Anime etc. Bows isĀ  possibly one the best weapon for far range back then. Back in medieval days and far back in time, they were used a lot. For example, the Mongols’ primary weapon back in the days were bows and arrows, in fact, they used the bow and arrow when they were around 5 to 6 years old. As they got older, they train to use the bow on horse back while the horse run. there were also different types of bows suck as a compound bow, cross bow, and a long bow. Now I’m going to explain how Bows were built.

“Bow and Arrow” by jcubic is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. (Source: Jakub Jankiewicz)

Engineering on how bows were built

Bows were invented a long time ago, so far in fact that it was made in 9,000 BCE. But how did people make it back then? Instead of the bow was made first it was actually the arrow. Scientist found arrow heads in caves. The arrow head was made of a stone called flint. Flint was one of the best material to make a sharp point, like arrow heads and spears. To make the bow you need any wood and make it carve it to a straight line but when you carve make sure the whole stick is a little bit thin. The bow was made from wood and different types of wood, for example it was made from oak, ash, maple, elm and many different types of materials. You are probably wondering what is string of the bow made out of. It is made out of linen, hemp, silk, and one of the weirdest one is vegetable fiber. To attach the string to the bow you need to put carve some two notches on the end of each limb. After the notches are carved you need to put string on the bow. But before you could attach the string on the bow you need to put the bow under tension to make that curve. once the bow is bent a little you tie the string on the bow and do this with the other side. After that you have your bow.

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