How Does a Water Cutter Work?

In this you will find out the story behind the water cutter

By: Thomas sites, Author

A water cutter is a very useful tool for engineers when they need a specific piece for their device. A water cutter is a tool that uses high pressure water to cut through wood, metal, and even diamonds. A waterjet cutter uses either a intensifier pump which uses hydraulic oil to pump a piston or a direct drive pump that uses a crankshaft to move the piston.That piston pumps the water extremely hard and fast and forces that high pressure water through a very tiny nozzle called a jewel orifice.The water the comes out in a string thin line at blurring speeds That are around mach three. That water has so much force condensed into one spot it is what we use to cut diamonds.

“Waterjet cutter working on UK Pavilion lattice sections at StageOne in York” by UKTI [closed account] is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
 But before it cut through diamonds way back in the 1800s it was used to erode away rock though hydraulic mining. It wasn’t until 1933 where the Paper Patents company in Wisconsin used a machine that could cut, meter, and reel paper through a machine that used a diagonally moving waterjet nozzle to cut a horizontally moving sheet of continuous paper. The reason this is better for wood or metal is because it gives the same perfectly cut lines without heat damage from regular cutting on the sides. It is also better because you can code it on what to code so you can be more intricate on how you cut. The last reason why this machine is better than regular cutting is it reduces the amount of scrap metal produced. The reason is it can cut more accurately and                                                                                                                                     therefor pieces can be cut closer together.


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