Man Creates A Hand Held Laser Pointer That Can Easily Blind People


“1.2W Class 4 Very High Power Blue Laser, Dark Background” by FastLizard4 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By: Thomas Sites, Reporter

Drake Anthony or Styropyro is a American youtuber who is know for making heavily dangerous things through chemistry and engineering. In his latest video he focused on making a key chain laser pointer as strong as possible but still keeping around the same size. He messes around with different laser diodes and explains his process and explains why a key chain laser pointer is garbage. So near the end of the video he found a image of a guy that has the best weight to power output for a laser pointer so he said he wants to destroy the record. So by the end of the video he ends up with a laser pointer that ways 17 grams and can cut electrical tape and engrave wood.