Desktop Cardboard Skeeball


Have you ever been doing work and want a skee ball break? This post shows you how to make a game of desktop skeeball. Skeeball is an arcade game where a ball gets thrown up an inclined lane. There are different holes at different heights with different point values. The goal of the player is to aim the ball to go in the highest hole which has the highest points.

This post relates to the real world because skee ball is a real arcade that is still being played today. This post relates to engineering because you are making something.

Materials Needed – Knife, Cardboard, Foam Cups

Step One – Cut the cardboard so it looks like this,


This model is 1/9 of a real skee ball machine.

Step Two – Assemble the Ramp

The base of the ramp is made by connecting the two cross pieces with the two side pieces and using some hot glue to keep it strong.

For the ramp piece itself, an X-acto knife was used to slice lines across the back so that the front would have a smoother curve to it. After this was done, the body of the X-acto is used as a guide for the curvature of the ramp.

Step Three – Target

The two center pieces were glued together first, keeping them at a right angle to each other. Then the side pieces were glued on one at a time.

Step Four – Cut out the rings

Step Five – Attach the rings

Glue or staples may be used to attach the rings.

Boom, you now have a desktop skeeball machine.