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Microsoft Planning On creating a new Xbox Series X

Microsoft Releasing a new Xbox?
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Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Series X console will be refreshed in 2024 with a new design and features. The refresh has been dubbed Brooklyn and was inadvertently revealed in new documents released by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Microsoft this week. The new Xbox Series X will feature a more cylindrical design and will not include a disc drive. According to internal confidential Microsoft documents, the console will have 2TB of storage, a USB-C forward port with power delivery capabilities, and a more immersive controller.

The new series X will also be released with a new  controller, codenamed Sebile, is set to be announced early next year for $69.99 will also  include an accelerometer which should let you merely lift it to wake the gamepad. It has a two-tone color scheme and will support a direct connection to cloud, Bluetooth 5.2, and a presumably updated “Xbox Wireless 2” connection.

Microsoft just launched a refreshed Xbox Series S in black, but there could be another refresh on the way in 2024 with Wi-Fi 6E support and

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Series X will feature a redesigned design, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.2 support, as well as a 6nm die for increased efficiency. Additionally, the Power Supply (PSU) power consumption will be decreased by 15 percent. The Xbox Series X is expected to remain at the same price point of $499 upon launch.

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