How to make a fishing rod and a reel?



Fishing has been a part of people’s lives for centuries. In old times people cached fish as their only food. If you are by yourself in a forest and trying to survive you can catch fish to eat it. Some people may not like fish but its also very healthy. If you go to the supermarket you can see so many kinds of fish in it. Some fishes live in the saltwater and others freshwater. Catching a fish may be hard you need a lot of patience. People us many techniques in our day to catch fish. Most people catch fish for fun. They use a rod and a reel. But the fish we eat at home are usually cached with big ships. There are some people that catch sharks. If you want to catch a fish you need a rod and a reel. Don’t forget you can make one for yourself. Making a rod and reel may be complicated but its actually easy. Watch the video and have a rod and reel for yourself. Enjoy cooking the fish you catch!

This relates to engineering by being organized and trying to create a new object for yourself. Also using the executive functions(Task Initiation, Metacognition, Planning, and more to build makes it relate to engineering too.