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The F15 EX

The F15 EX is A Better And Faster Version Of The F15

The F-15EX, also known as the Eagle 2, is a next-generation fighter aircraft being made by Boeing for the US Air Force. The F-15EX is the latest version of the F-15 Mission Design Series and is an upgraded version of the fourth-generation F-15 fighter jet.

The new fighter is the most recent and most advanced iteration of the all-around, multi-role F-15, and is a more reliable, affordable, and overall better version. The F-15EX has extremely low operating costs compared to other fighters, but 4 times the weapon payload and twice the fuel, speed, and range.

According to Novotny, the max speed of the F-15 Ex is Mach 2.9, or 2,225 miles an hour at sea level, reaching speeds only achieved by a few gas-turbine-powered aircraft. Although it can go Mach 2.9, it may not be able to go any faster. This is due to the thermal limit of jet engines similar to the soviet fighter, the MiG-25, which could reach Mach 2.8 in a controlled flight. Furthermore, when it went Mach 2.9, it was being tested clean, which means it had nothing on it. No fixed pylons, no ammunition, no sensors, and no fuel tanks. This means that the actual speed of the aircraft may be more around Mach 2.5. The aircraft is mainly limited by the equipment it carries, and the main limiting factor for the aircraft will be the speed, not the actual fighter.





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