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Recent Crimewave

Why Children Are More Inclined To Commit Crimes

Very recently children and teens have been posting their crimes on the internet, not only that but they seem to be doing more. The question we seek to ask is “why?” Why as in “why are children doing this? But by the end of this article, you will know more than when you started.

Crimes Being Posted

On social media if you have been online a lot you might already know what crimes are being posted. But if you are unaware, people have seen everything destruction of property, vandalism, petty theft, grand theft, etc. But we have to take into consideration that most social media platforms are not to blame. They do not endorse and heavily restrict and ban those types of posts. But when children see these post they will most likely repeat it. And the consequences will be very detrimental.

Crimes Being Committed

In recent days, the crime being committed are thing that are few and far between. But that might be expected because we are including children to teenagers. But let’s look at the rate of the crimes being committed by children by 2020. According to The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Over 70,000 of juvenile arrests were assault, over 2,000 were fraud, and 470 wer counterfeiting and forgery, and over 400,000 for all offences. The sheer number is unbelievable right?!


The number of crimes has increased! surprising isn’t it. well, let’s look at the numbers. In 2010 There was a grand total of 1,642,600. Dear Lord! That is A LOT of arrests


And in conclusion, there may seem like there are more crimes being committed by minors, but in reality it just the fact that more people can post their crimes.

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