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Thresher Shark

Learn About a Unique Species of Sharks

Sharks. We have all heard about them, whether from Jaws or Shark Week. I want to highlight a very cool and exciting species of shark: the thresher shark. From where it lives to its threat to humans, this article will tell you all about them.

The thresher shark is a unique species because it has an abnormally large tail compared to other sharks. Now, you might be asking why it needs such a big tail. The tail is not just for speed; it is used to whip prey, stunning or killing it so the shark can eat it. The thresher shark can whip its tail at over 30 mph; the highest speed on record is an insane 80mph.

The thresher shark is very threatened because several fisheries exploit it. That, combined with its low reproduction rate, makes it highly vulnerable. The sad part about this is that the thresher shark is not protected currently. Thresher sharks live in coastal waters worldwide and are a non-aggressive species.

Thresher sharks are also considered game fish by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). This means they’re being targeted in all their habitats, contributing to their declining numbers.

It is a shame that thresher sharks are declining in numbers and being pushed toward extinction every day, whether that be by commercial fishing bycatch or targeted game fishing. It’s sad to say that we might see this incredible and fantastic shark species leave us one day.

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