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The Myths of the Ocean

The Ocean Itself is the Biggest Mystery That’s Still Unsolved

The ocean covers 71% of the world that we live on, and yet throughout the many centuries of discoveries, we still haven’t uncovered 10% of it. The depth of the ocean is unknown, but the furthest that a human has dove is 10,927 meters, that’s probably not even half of it. There are many unknown creatures and myths lurking in the waters, just waiting to be discovered, let’s talk about a few of the many mysteries that are still to be solved.

There are many mysteries, too many to count, so I will only tell you about 3 of them, to save time and space.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a very popular myth about the ocean that leaves people puzzled to this day. It’s located between the three islands, Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico. It forms a triangle like shape, thus calling it the Bermuda Triangle. Many ships and planes disappear in this triangle, even Columbus had trouble.  Once entering the Bermuda Triangle, your compass will go haywire, pilots will be confused in which is the sea and which is the sky due to the fog that appears. It’s a tricky place indeed.

The Ocean

Believe it or not, one of the biggest mysteries in our ocean is the ocean itself. So here’s a question for you, how did our oceans form? Think about it, the Earth was really hot when it formed, so how did the water not evaporate, how is it not burning hot? Some theories are that Earth’s water either came from melted comets, from inside the Earth, or asteroids covered with icy water came to Earth. Which theory do you think is true or do you have another theory?

The “Immortal” Jellyfish

The “immortal” jellyfish was discovered hundreds of years ago, but it’s ability was only discovered in the 1990s. This amazing jellyfish is smaller than your pinky nail, it’s almost transparent except for a red center, it’s surrounded by about 90 short tentacles. Basically, if this jellyfish is injured or something of the sort, it can simply press the “restart” button and its cells will regenerate, mitosis! Scientists think that if they find out how this regeneration happens, they can use it to cure diseases that destroy cells, cancer for example.

The ocean is full of many myths,  and this is barely scraping the surface of the many things yet to be discovered. I hope you, reader, go out and find more things about the wonderful life underneath the ocean. Who knows, you might be the person to cure cancer.

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