Any Shade Of Lipstick You Can Print

Have you ever thought of technology that can print out any shade of lipstick? This device uses three shades of lipstick and creates a formula to make your desired shade.

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The future of makeup! Imagine a printer that can print any shade of lipstick color you would ever need on the go. YSL has created one and it can create up to 4,000 shades of lipstick. This $299 device uses 3 color cartridges filled with “ink” from YSL’s lines of the color pallet of red, nude, orange and pink lipsticks that last up to eight hours. Just like a watch you pair the device to your phone and then insert the 3 cartridges in to the bottom of the device. On your phone you can choose any shade and tell it to print and it will put out a specific amount of each color from the cartridges and you mix it and it will transform into your desired shade. You can even take a picture of something and print that shade. 

For many years many companies have been working on getting this technology to work but now with the work and input from dozens of beauty, technological and innovation experts. They have created a system that initially selects a color and that color in the system is a formula of  how much of each shade it must add to make the color you want. For any shade you want it has the specific 3 cartridges that need to be inserted. These cartridges provide more variety of shades. The best part is you can remove the top of the device and it becomes a pallet you can carry around. This technology is getting more and more advanced and soon later we would have this device for many different types of makeup products.