Elegoo Arduino 3d Printer

All pictures were taken by screen shot form the video below, I dont own the video I did this to put the video in a nutshell.


Making a 3d printer is pretty hard and expensive, But making one with Arduino is unheard of. But with deep web searching, I’ve found how to make a 3d printer with Arduino that is cheap and easy but remember what you pay is what you get.

Materials Required:

  1. 3 optical drives
  2. Wires
  3. 3d Resin Pen
  4. 3 Stepper motor drivers
  5. Arduino UNO R3
Step 1: Take apart optical drives to get this: These are going to be used for our x,y, and z-axis
Don’t forget to take out this square thing this is not needed
Step 2: Mark holes to screw to axis drive to mount on. don’t forget to solder the wires in replacing to the paper wire thingy:
Step 3: Add sub-platform (make sure it’s level)


Don’t forget to make sure ALL the sliders are able to move:
Step 4: install both x & z-axis to each other (this is still the base):       
Step 5: screw on both the x&z axis and y-axis together like so: Green = z-axis
Maroon = x-axis
Blue = y-axis
Step 6: add some standoffs for the bottom base: There is supposed to be one under my hand ( I was adjusting the sub-platform)




Step 7: Wire the stuff together


Wiring result in real life: