New 3D-Printed Wind Turbines

The University of Maine have created the first ever large 3D-printed wind turbine.


“3D Prints” by Harris County Public Library is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

By: Eric Yang, Journalist

The University of Maine have created the first 3D-Printed Wind Turbine. According to Habib Dagher they have been awarded about 2.8 million dollars for the building of this 3D printed Wind Turbine. The manufacture of these massive 3D-Printed items will help research for more 3D-Printed items in the future. “cutting-edge research that helps to support our forest products industry, create good-paying jobs, and strengthen our clean energy economy,” quotes Sen. Angus King. Sen. Angus King also says that 3D-Printing is the future of manufacturing and that with 3D printing it will be easier and faster to manufacture these items.

Wind turbines will soon be fully recyclable and better for the environment. The University of Maine currently holds the largest polymer 3D printer in the world and plans on 3D printing more massive products in the future. 3D printing is clearly the future and will save companies money and will help the environment by making the materials recyclable. Many new 3D-Printed products are being produced today and soon many household and factory items will be 3D-Printed!