3-D Printed Clothes


A shoe being designed in CAD so it can be printed and displayed. Photo Source: Romans CAD

By: Jackson Steider, Reporter

Three-dimensional printing has changed our way of life by making things from kitchen appliances to human organs. Recently fashion designers have unveiled to the public 3D printed shoes and dresses. These clothing designs are made up of plastic being placed evenly and slowly layer upon layer. These dresses are pretty fragile and not ideal for casually walking around your neighborhood.

If your thinking to yourself, could we possibly end the need for specific clothes in third world countries? As of right now, no, you might recall that the clothes are made up of plastic, and although they might look elegant and beautiful, they are not meant for everyday activities, for instance, working, running, cleaning, etcetera. Some problems with 3D printing clothes are they are very expensive and difficult to make. The clothes are not soft and not very comfortable. Designers and engineers are working to solve these problems. When they do this we will possibly solve the need for heavy clothing during the winter, and light clothing during the summer in third world countries.