The Bloodhound

In the town of Newquay, Great Britain, a team of engineers is building the world’s fastest car, the Bloodhound. Upon completion, the car is expected to go roughly 1,000 miles per hour. For reference, the speed of sound is near 767.3 miles per hour. The current land speed record is 763 miles per hour. According to CBS, the car will, go one mile in 3.6 seconds at top speed. That’s almost 18 football fields in 3.6 seconds. The test driver of the Bloodhound is retired RAF pilot Andy Green, who is also the current land speed record holder. In late November, the engineering team ran a test during which Green drove the car at a low speed of about 200 mph. Once built, the car will travel so fast, that it will never be tested in Britain, for safety reasons. Instead, its makers anticipate testing it on the Hakskeenpan, a mud and salt pan in South Africa. The car is currently powered by a Eurofighter-Typhoon jet engine, but will eventually also have a rocket motor bolted beneath the jet engine.