The VanMoof S3 & X3


“Van Moof BTS-v2.00_03_43_12.Still001” by eelke dekker is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Valerie Lai, Reporter

The VanMoof electric bikes don’t look any different from regular bikes. However, there are a few big differences – they are fitted with smart anti-theft technology, an auto gear-shifter, and equipped with an acceleration button.

Onboard alarms and trackers integrated into the bikes create nightmares for thieves. With tamper detection, the bike is able to sense when it is being stolen and will give out loud alarms. Your phone will be connected to the bike – and when it is in Bluetooth range, the alarms will disengage and the Kick Lock will release the wheels. Then, your bike is ready to go!

The E-shifter included in your bike removes the hassle of having to use levers or screws to change gears. Instead, the bike is able to detect when you are having trouble going up a hill or want to go faster, and the bike will automatically switch gears. As well as that, you can customize when the gears will switch on your phone based on your personal preferences. How cool is that?

The best part of the bike – the Turbo Boost. The Turbo Boost is a button next to your handle brakes that gives you – you guessed it, a boost. Instant acceleration is achieved by maxing out the motor, and it gives you a feeling of almost flying.

Overall, the VanMoof electric bikes are super useful in your daily life, and might even shorten your commute by a few minutes! Who wouldn’t want a bike with anti-theft alarms, an E-shifter, and a Turbo Boost button?