How To Build a Bike


“Bright Bike (with flash) STOLEN!” by mandiberg is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By: Brian Diaz Villalta, Reporter


To build a bike you must consider buying new products or used product to construct your masterpiece. When building your bike just know you have complete control over your bike. Everything comes down from your comfort and personal preferences, just know it will cost you some bucks.


The things you would need to construct your bike are Frame, Fork, Headset, Rear derailleur, Front derailleur (optional), Brakes, Brake Levers, Shifters, Headset, Cable guide, 2 x derailleur cables, 2 x brake brakes, 4′ derailleur housing, 4′ brake housing, cranks, bottom bracket, pedals, wheels, cassette, chain, seat post, seat, seat clamp, brake hangers front / rear if you use cantilever brakes stem, handlebars, tires/tubes. Those are the component you need to make your bike work.


If you need instructions on exactly how to build a bike scroll down on RELATED STORIES and click the second link. How do you build a bike? What do you need to build a bike? When building you will need tools! The tools you would need to build your bike are Grease, chain tool, allen keys, wire cutters, pedal wrench, hacksaw, nuts/bolts (or headset press), adjustable wrench, bottom bracket tool, screw driver.


This will take time if your a beginner, but we live in an era of information so building a bike will be a success and its all about personal preferences. Just make sure your putting all your pieces where it belong. there’s no reason that any buyer with just a sliver of mechanical talent shouldn’t be able to figure out how to put together a bike.