What You Need to Know Before Getting a BMX Bike


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By: Rohan Telhan, Journalist

BMX stands for Bicycle MotoCross. A BMX bike is a bike that people do tricks as well as can compete in races on. A BMX bike has one gear, that means you can’t switch the difficulty of pedaling a BMX bike. Other bikes such as mountain bikes have more gears, therefore the pedal speed could be faster or slower. BMX bikes are not meant for mountain/off road riding.

BMX bikes come in many different styles; if you get a BMX bike you could customize it to your liking if you get it at a professional BMX bike shop. For example, you can get the frame of the bike, the handlebars, the seat height and color, the fork (the part above the front tire), the stem ( the part that holds the handlebars and frame together) all customized. In addition, you can get the grips, the barends, headset, the crank, the pedals, the spork, the chain all tailored to your preferences. You can also get the front and back tire, rim, hub, spokes, hubguards customized. You can even get the pegs and brakes added to the front, back, or both all detailed the way you choose.

Some BMX tricks for beginners are the ‘Bunny Hop’. The bunny hop, depending on how high you can ‘hop,’ is wen you hop on the bike from a curb to the street. There is also a trick known as the ‘Foot Jam Fake.’ The Foot Jam Fake depends on how you get your front tire to stop and then have your back tire lifted into the air. Another trick is the ‘X Ride’; the X ride, is a trick where you have your hands on the handle bar, you would then move your arms so they form an ‘X’ and the handlebars, with your hands on them also face you at the same time. There is also the ‘Hop 180’; this trick is similar to the Bunny Hop, however instead of just the front tire hopping, you get the whole bike  in the air and then spin yourself and the bike 180 degrees. There are many tricks you can do on a BMX bike and once you get better, with practice, you can do more advanced tricks.

Overall a BMX bike itself offers a lot of options to customize it the way you would like and then you can have fun learning ways to ride and work up to mastering tricks. Once you get the BMX bike of your dreams you can do any trick with practice and patience.


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