Amphibious Bike That Can Go on Land and Water

By: Markus Merrill, Reporter

Imagine a bike that can drive around on the road, and a ski that can drive around on water in the same vehicle. Well this creation can do both in one, combine a bike and a jet ski and you’ll get the Biski. In the video introducing the amphibious bike, a man driving the Biski goes on a road and smoothly in to and out of a body of water.

The Biski can travel up to 80 mph on land, and 37 mph on water. The dimensions of the vehicle is 2.3 m long and under 1m wide. The time for the vehicle to transform is under five seconds in and out of the water. The transition from land to water raises the wheels up and uses jet propulsion to continue forward.

The Biski isn’t the only amphibian vehicle made from the company. It starts with Biski being the smallest made, to the “Phibian,” a trailer, truck, and boat in one designed for disaster relief. If you want to check out other vehicles made similar to the Biski, then click on this link.