#Solar Go-Kart Day 3: Specify Requirements


By: Duncan Kelleher

Materials list:

  •  1″ (25mm) PVC pipe and coupling
  • Plywood
  • 18V DC Mega Torque Geared Motor
  • Bicycle wheels
  • Motor Shaft Coupling
  • Ball Bearing
  • 12 mm nut & bolts
  • Door hinge (360 degree)
  • PWM DC motor speed controller
  • 12V DC Battery

The body of the go-kart is made out of 1” PVC pipe. Along with some elbows,tees, and caps. The plywood is glued to the PVC pipe and help support the rider. The motor is what turns the wheels and makes the go-kart move. The bicycle wheels helps the movement of the go-kart be smooth. The motor shaft coupling make the motor go faster while remaining safe and in control. The ball bearings help the wheels turn easier. The nuts and bolts hold the wood in place so that the go-kart does not break down. The door hinges let the wheels turn by themselves. The motor speed controller is very important because it controls how fast you are going and is you are going forwards or backwards. The battery is also important because stores the power for the go-kart.