solar backpack

solar backpack

By: ayah karar

The end result is a backpack that doubles as a portable solar charger. Worried about the solar panel being damaged? Don’t be – these panels are almost always waterproof , and have a protective coating that resists scratching and damage from impact.Whatever you choose to do, solar backpacks allow for you to carry your belongings and gear while also charging your phone, tablet, or other small devices during your excursion. This saves you space in your bag while also removing the need to bring an battery  or mobile charger that dies off after one use.

where I got my info from—–

how does this relate to engineering— how this relates to engineering is that because this solar panel charger deals with the use of protons and electrons and they are conceded  engineering.

If you are someone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors, but still need your phone for various reasons, a solar backpack provides you with a way to always ensure that it’s up and running.

how does it work———-The process is a simple one: photon energy from the sun reaches a solar panel. The photons enter the panel, and disrupt electrons from their atomic orbit. This generates electricity, which is then sent to a battery. The battery chargers, and can then be used to power devices .

why to get it—-Daily use devices such as smartphones have batteries that can be die quicker  with frequent use. We combat these ever-draining batteries by constantly recharging them whenever we have a chance. Plug-ins, car chargers, USB cords, these are all commonplace. But have you considered solar backpacks?