Solar Powered Water Purifier


Energy efficient water purifier.

By: Jayashree Ezhilarasu

More than one-tenth of the world struggles with having clean water, the solar powered water purifier is a cheaper alternate to the standard water purifier. The creators have said that the solar purifier can purify water four times faster than the average water filter. As well as being efficient the device also only costs $2.00 in raw materials. Solar stills have been around for a decades but often do not remove the bad bacteria still in the water, and solar stills that do remove these bacteria and viruses cost too much and will not be able to be distributed to countries in the world that need it. Size is also important the best solar stills are about 6ft*6ft and can still only provide enough water for one person. However, this device is cheap, small, and efficient.

This device relates to engineering because the makers had to design and create a successful prototype of their design. They had probably went through many prototypes and design plans. Going through the design process. In the end  if they end up mass manufacturing this device it would effect countries with poverty all over the world who cannot afford to have expensive solar stills. The countries that lack clean water could use this to get clean water supplied to it’s residents.

for more information about the device visit the URL and Video.