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Solar Power Trees

The Benefits Of Solar Powered Trees.
Solar panels on a green field converting the suns light into electricity

Solar trees are structures that look like trees and other plants. These structures hold a formation of photovoltaic panels. The solar-powered tree was made by Selina Zhang, an 18 year old from New Jersey. Selina decided to make a solar power tree is because she saw a pest problem in her school, and she believed she had a solution for the pest problem. Her solution for the bug problem was the solar panel trees. Solar power trees provide the same financial and environmental benefits as a regular solar panel, but their structures make them more appealing and can be better for landscaping designs.

How do Solar solar-power trees work and what they are use for?
The solar panels on the solar power trees are like leaves. Their panels get recharged by the sun. The electricity created by the light of the sun kills the bugs. The tree-looking shape of the structure attracts the bugs, and once the bugs land on the solar panels, they get zapped and die. The electricity created by solar power trees is used by homes and industries. In other words, solar-powered trees give people the same benefits as solar panels, but they use less surface area than a regular solar panel.

What is the future of the solar power trees?
As technology advances, solar power trees might become more and more like real trees and other plants. This kind of
technology might even allow us to blend solar power trees into the forests, yards, parks, cities, etc. in addition to providing solar energy. These trees will provide shade along highways, parking lots, etc. Solar power trees are still in development.

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