This is just a concept art for skate 4

All We know About EAs Skate Game

By: Jackson Whitaker, Journalist
Skate 4 has been announced and it seems like its going to be the best one yet.
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How To Scooter

By: Casey Salmeron-Sandoval, Journalist
A barspin is when you combine a bunny hop and a barspin which is called a barspin. A barspin  is when you do your bunny hop and you spin your bars rapidly all in one go.
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Exway Flex Electric Skateboard Review

The Exway Flex comes in at around $649 for the Hub Motors and $699 for the Riot Kit.
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Landyachtz Evo 40, some rights reserved by

Landyachtz Evo 40

Possibly the defining board for Landyachtz, the Evo was released in 2002 and has become one of the most well known and trusted boards in downhill/freeride.
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A picture of the hover board hovering over the concrete skate park. License 
Attribution Share Alike Some rights reserved by designmilk

New Lexus Hover Board works like Back to the Future’s

Ever wonder how to hover off the ground? This hoverboard works!
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Today is officially our last post! We will put all of our posts onto this one post to try and replicate a guide or instruction manual. 1. Determine Roles You and your group should determine each...

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#ALPHABOARD - Attaching The Gear To The Motor

#ALPHABOARD – Attaching The Gear To The Motor

Today, we are trying to create divots into the motor so that the gear can stay put while the motor is in motion. We used a drill, but that wasn't effective enough so we switched to a dremel. After using...

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#ALPHABOARD - Working On The Wheels

#ALPHABOARD – Working On The Wheels

Today, we worked on putting more spacers on the wheel that will eventually attach to the motor mount. A team member is also programming a box to protect the battery and ESC.  We are also working on attaching...

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#ALPHABOARD - Continued Work

#ALPHABOARD – Continued Work

Today we continued to drummel the truck so that the motor mount will fit on. We also worked on removing the inner parts of the wheel so that the gear will fit with the wheel.

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#ALPHABOARD - Cutting The Wheel

#ALPHABOARD – Cutting The Wheel

Today, we cut off some of the inner parts of the wheels. We have to adjust so that our motor mount can be put onto the truck of our skateboard. Before After

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Sidewinding Circular Skates

Sidewinding Circular Skates

This skateboard is called the Sidewinding Circular Skates, but it has also been called the "'Post Modern Skateboard'" by many people, for it is a skateboard without the board. It has two wheels, and...

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#ALPHABOARD - Ordering New Wheels

#ALPHABOARD – Ordering New Wheels

When trying to fit the sprocket (the gear like part of the motor mount)into the wheel, we realized that the first hole we made was slightly off center, so we couldn't continue with these wheels. We are...

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