Landyachtz Evo 40

Landyachtz Evo 40, some rights reserved by

Landyachtz Evo in the sand. Some rights reserved by EyPeeet

Possibly the defining board for Landyachtz, the Evo was released in 2002 and has become one of the most well known and trusted boards in downhill/freeride. Landyachtz has become a prominent longboard brand, and their success was largely sourced by the Evo and boards like it.

The Evo 40 has a rather unorthodox shape, instead of both trucks angling away from each other, or being straight under the board, both trucks are facing forward on the Evo. This truck configuration makes for improved stability at high speeds, while making sliding effortless. The 40 in the name refers to the length of the board, 40 inches, which means that this board is absolutely down to clown at high speeds, but acts as a traditional cruiser if you want it to. This board has a drop down body, which means the body has a sharp concave, and drops low to the ground, keeping your feet in during slides, it also possesses a nine-ply body, making it practically indestructible. This board relates to engineering because the Landyachtz team had to design, test, and improve on the board for over a decade, and has designed it to be a hill killer that has been used by three world cup champions.